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Think About Eternity - Mission Opportunities

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Missions in Utah

For more than one-hundred-fifty years Utah has been dominated by one religious institution and culture. This is the Mormon church, known officially as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Various Christian denominations have sent missionaries to Utah. Though there is a wide variety of Christian denominations in Utah today, Christians constitute only a very small percentage of the Utah population. Idaho and portions of other surrounding states are also heavily influenced by Mormonism.

Into this essentially foreign culture two more missionaries couples have entered, Timothy and Suzie Oliver and John and Laurie Kauer, working under the ministry of Think About Eternity, Inc. Nestled at the foot of the mountains near the south end of Utah valley, the town of Santaquin, Utah, has become their home.

The Olivers and Kauers are reaching out to their neighbors and beyond. They go door to door in search of the Savior’s lost sheep. They also attend large public gatherings in Utah such as the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, the Pioneer Day Parade in Salt Lake City, the Fourth of July Parade in Provo, and the Onion Days Festival in Payson. At these and other public venues such as Temple Square, the University of Utah, and Utah Valley State College, they are able to distribute literature, engage in public preaching, and have conversations with small groups and individuals. Their heart’s desire is that God will use them to find and gather in his elect, believing that there are yet many in Utah.

Opening the door

Not only do these couples have a burden for reaching the lost themselves, they also pray as the Savior directed, that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers into the harvest. They not only evangelize the lost, they stand ready to train and equip fellow Christians for the same labor.

For that end, Think About Eternity, Inc. operates a "School of Missions to the Cults." Participants in the mission program enjoy excellent food and fellowship while lodged at the Oliver and Kauer homes, and occasionally in other Christian homes. Here Christians from around the country and all over the world (English speaking) can come and learn about the cults and how to effectively witness to cult members, Mormons in particular.

Will you come?

Many Christians fear to share their faith with anyone, and especially with cult members, who usually take their religion very seriously and seem to have answers for almost everything. Going into the heart of a place like Utah to witness to Mormons may seem almost frightening.

But where better to find them?

Think About Eternity’s School of Missions to the Cults offers you the opportunity to learn how to share the gospel with cult members, particularly Mormons. We appreciate the concern Christians might have over defenseless lambs being sent among the wolves. That is why we not only offer training and tools, but will work alongside those who will join in our labors.

You will be equipped, fortified, and made ready. Our hands-on approach gives you more than instruction and tools. You will enjoy actual field experience, learning as you go, and going as you learn. Our program is designed to develop not only your knowledge, but also your own walk with the Lord. You will find boldness and confidence in witnessing, balanced with a loving heart and compassionate approach for the lost.

Think About Eternity’s School of Missions to the Cults is open year round. The Olivers and Kauers are missionaries year round, and welcome Christians year round to come and work with them. Mission terms, however, are a minimum of two weeks, and a maximum of two months. Summer is the most popular and busy time. If you want to come during summer you will need to plan at least six months in advance.

As a short-term missionary working with Think About Eternity, you will receive quality teaching and training, and the experience of your life, for free. The actual cost of food, lodging, utilities, local transportation, all the literature you may distribute, and all the curriculum materials you will take home, can easily top one-hundred dollars per week. However, the Olivers and the Kauers rely on the Lord and His people to supply their needs, so there is no fee required for participation in this program.

If God has laid a burden for the lost on your heart, if that burden is primarily focused on Mormons, and if you would like to participate in Think About Eternity's School of Missions, please write to us and let us know. We will send you a packet with further information and application forms.

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