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Think About Eternity - Statement of Faith

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Core Beliefs of Think About Eternity, Inc.

Think About Eternity, Inc. holds to these foundational truths of God's Word:

1) The Bible, inerrant as originally given, is God's verbally inspired, complete revelation to mankind, and has been passed down through time to our day in a form sufficiently pure as to warrant complete faith in it, and full obedience to it.

 2) There is only one God, who is infinitely holy and perfect, existing eternally in the Persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, while personally distinct and identifiable, are neither parts of God, nor three separate Gods. God is one indivisible Being, having three distinct, personal, and eternal centers of consciousness, each of them self-aware, each of them aware of the other two, and all three of them in perfect communion with each other.

 3) The virgin birth, earthly miracles, sinless life, substitutionary death on the cross as a redemptive sacrifice for sin, bodily resurrection, ascension, and literal second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 4) The Holy Spirit is the Divine Person sent to bear witness of our Lord Jesus Christ, convict sinners, and according to His sovereign grace regenerate them, grant them repentance and saving faith, and indwell, empower, guide, and sanctify the believer.

 5) The true Church consists of all those regenerated (born again) by the Holy Spirit, who grants them saving faith, empowering them to trust in the life and righteousness, shed blood (death), and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the sole and sufficient means for obtaining forgiveness of, and redemption from, their sins, and eternal life with God. Apart from such faith there is no salvation, nor any true church.

 6) There will be a resurrection of both the saved and the lost, the first to everlasting life and the second to everlasting punishment.

A Ministry of Evangelism and Christian Discernment

We hold the above articles of religious faith to be foundational to Christianity. There are other facts and principles, below, that we believe are true, and that are also foundational to the ministry of Think About Eternity, Inc.

Think About Eternity, Inc. believes that religious freedom is an important and precious right in our country. The right to worship according to one's own conscience is and should be constitutionally protected. The right to freedom of worship and religion, however, is based upon the rights of man under God, not upon the actual worth of varying religions. In other words, the freedom and right to choose between religions does not mean we must regard all religions as equally true or valuable.

Therefore, the right to freedom of religion does not include a right to silence those who may publicly disagree with one's own beliefs, or who offer reasons, whether negative or positive, for choosing one religion over another. Expression of such disagreement, and presentation of such reasons, does not deny anyone's freedom of religion or worship, and is itself Constitutionally protected under the freedoms of religion, speech, and press. Persons who express such disagreements or offer such reasons are not, ipso facto, guilty of hate speech, much less coercion. The right to religious freedom requires protection from religious coercion; it does not warrant protection from religious persuasion.

Nor does freedom of worship and religion mean total freedom of practice. For instance, Satanists are free to believe whatever they want, but they are not allowed to practice human or animal sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are many groups operating which engage in the use of deception, cover up, fraud, manipulation, coercion, control, exploitation, and dishonesty with their own members and the people they are trying to convert. We have found that most cults have employed some or all of the above, particularly concerning the group's history, false prophecies, false scholarship, distortions of true church history and doctrine, and destructive practices of the group.

When deception, control, and fraud are present, a person's right and freedom of choice is undermined. A real choice is one based on access to all the information, and understanding both or all sides. The cults typically try to block their members and the public from having access to this information. The constitutionally protected right of free speech serves as a check and balance against these abuses. It is always right to publicly and privately expose these practices. Of course, the one exposing error or abuse has the responsibility to be accurate. And as Christians, we believe those so engaged must also tell the truth in genuine love.

Think About Eternity, Inc. endorses freedom of religion in both thought and expression. But, as Christians who take Christ's commandment to love seriously, we do believe that "we are our brother's keeper." So while we endorse the rights of everyone to hold and practice divergent beliefs, Think About Eternity, Inc. is also compelled to exercise its own freedoms (religion, speech, and press) to expose error and persuade others of what we believe is actually true.

Like the watchman on the wall (Ezekiel 3:17), we have the responsibility to sound a warning against the false doctrines, deception, manipulative practices, and destructive spiritual abuse practiced by various religious groups. In sounding such warning, Think About Eternity, Inc. also has a principled commitment to do so in love and with accuracy. Think About Eternity, Inc. also offers, and seeks a hearing for, the spiritual alternative, in the traditional form of biblical Christian faith.

The Christian Alternative

In short, Think About Eterniy, Inc. endorses a biblically based, conservative, evangelical position, proclaiming that all must turn from sin to trust in the life and righteousness, the death, the burial and resurrection, of the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, as the sole and sufficient remedy for sin and the sole foundation for true religion. A deeper and fuller explanation of Christian belief is provided under the link Biblical Christianity.

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